Sunday, 22 April 2012

Are Gen Y now more stable than Gen X ?

After years of hearing how Gen Y are so transient and hard to please it seems the trend is changing and it is in fact Gen X who are getting itchy feet. In a recent survey by Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI), which polled nearly 170,000 people across all generations in 30 countries we saw around 66% of the global workforce intend to search for a new job next year, with Gen X workers being the most likely to quit.

The survey found only 44% of employees globally feel valued by their employer in these uncertain economic times. While many respondents expressed unhappiness in their current jobs, and are actively searching for new opportunities, others said they are content with their current employment position. However, those people are seeking greater engagement and meaning from their positions.

When evaluating potential employers, the results showed the most important factor job seekers consider is corporate reputation (58%) followed closely by location (52%). This resonates especially strong with skilled professional and technical employees.

Across the generational groups, the way individuals weigh their job choices varies as people age. Personal fulfillment or work-life balance is found to become progressively more important as people mature. But for Gen Y, the leading consideration is personal growth or advancement when choosing to accept one job over another.

Across all generations, personal fulfillment, work-life balance and personal growth both outweigh compensation and benefits when choosing one job over another.

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