Thursday, 22 March 2012

Networks & Contacts: the only way forward

The war for talent is unyielding. Supply and demand of candidates is skewed, and it’s leading to some interesting results in the market.

CareerXroads recently released the results from a survey of leading American Firms on where their hires are coming from.

The results align directly with what I’m seeing in the Australasian market. More than 50% of our candidates placed across Australasia are not from job boards. The inactive candidate is hot property. Now more than ever our 150,000 plus database of specific, qualified candidates is an invaluable tool in making the right connections.

This is also reflected in job seeker trends as people are looking to social media and their wider networks to look for positions. It is widely reported that as much as 80% of jobs aren’t advertised – so while employers are looking to different sources for employees, those candidates are also making themselves available in new and interesting ways (see these resumes posted on Pinterest).

Looking forward, I think we’ll see an increase in the social media space (particularly LinkedIn), and job boards will slowly become a thing of the past as people look to contacts with the right networks. 

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